POLASA News, September 2016

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The Open Power Line Industry meeting held on Monday 11 July 2016 at the Johannesburg Country Club was very well attended.   Thanks to everyone who contributed!

The following subjects were reported on and discussed:

  1. Designation of Power Lines and hardware – POLASA is assisting ESKOM to deal with some of the problem areas. The LAP list with SAP numbers etc. was updated and made available to ESKOM but still needs to be implemented country wide.
  2. Joint ESKOM POLASA SHEQ, SCOT meetings continue with many areas of interest as well as emerging members receiving attention. Members are encouraged to participate in the 2nd International Conference on Overhead Lines at the ESKOM Academy of Learning, 10 – 14 Oct.
  3. Clarification needed from ESKOM on three new Treasury directives:

–           E-Tender publication portal

–           Central Supplier Database

–           Designation of power line products

  1. The new “Burning Platform” in the industry is the amount of new work placed and the challenges to meet the Compact Targets: 525 Km now plus 746 Km by March 2018 !

POLASA now has a regular slot at the ESKOM LINE CONSTRUCTION FORUMS and our chairman, Vincent Kanyongolo gave a well received presentation on POLASA and its activities on Friday 12 August 2016. An interesting aspect is the identification of opportunities in Africa such as for the INGA Hydro Project in the DRC to supplement the work done for ESKOM.

Please make a note of the fourth POLASA AGM to be held at the Johannesburg Country Club (Auckland Park) at 14h00 on Monday 7 November 2016. A report on all the year’s activities will be presented and a Board of Directors elected or re-elected.

All are welcome to attend. The AGM will be followed by an open Industry meeting – both meetings open to POLASA members (with voting rights) and all companies in the industry – an excellent opportunity to raise those thorny issues or ask the difficult ones!

Meetings are held strictly within the Competition Commission guidelines.

POLASA Newsletter September 2016